Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 - 1/3/10 (Marriage and my Goose)

Today's picture has great and deep meaning to me. When I was young my Mom would tell me how few animals mate for life, and she focused on the Goose. She said she always hoped I found my goose in life. Shortly after I told her that Glen was the "one", she gave me a gift. Upon unwrapping the lovely box, I found this sculpture of a goose inside.

We are coming up on 5 years together and Glen is most definitely my Goose. In 2003, I was in a severe car accident that fractured my pelvis in 2 places and decimated the cartilage in both hips and my right knee. Some days the pain is worse than other days as the pelvic fractures never heal, they just suture over, sometimes they reopen and that is what I'm going through now apparently.

I tend to be one that pushes myself to the limits and so on Friday I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and dusted the house, yesterday I deep cleaned our bathroom by cleaning all the walls with TSP and a Mr. Clean sponge (it makes it look like the room is freshly painted), I also cleaned the floor and rewaxed it. Well...that appears to have been too much. I awoke this morning to extreme pain. Let me explain that I have an exceptionally high pain tolerance (my doctor's hate it) but this pain left me on the couch sobbing. Glen immediately sprung into action by finding our heating pad, making my breakfast, retrieving the pills I needed (one of which required going to the pharmacy) and bringing back lunch. All while he didn't feel well either. And the thing is, I'd do the same (and have) in a heartbeat for him.

That's one of the things that makes a strong marriage...being willing to go the extra mile for your loved one. Being willing to put yourself second and your partner first. Marriage is never 50/50, it's often 70/30 but as long as the same person isn't burdened by the 70 all the works.

So with great love - Glen is my Goose!

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Awww, I love this post. It is what blogging is all about.