Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365 - 01/05/2010 (My Happy Home)

Today's picture of the day is of a wall in my home. For so many years I have moved from place to place, never staying in a place more than 2 years. This was my life from birth, my Mom and I are gypsies at heart and tend to feel stifled when we stay in place too long. However, I have lived here for 5 years now. When you move a lot, you tend to not 'settle' in and as an adult, I always made my house comfortable, but not 'homey'. Since Tony moved out of our home in October, we've been painting and moved in new furniture and finally put up a lot of the lovely items we received for our wedding. Tonight as I turned on the lights and lit the candles I realized how much I truly LOVE our home now. I'm happy to be here - a fact that may explain why I've resisted leaving it as much as I used to. For once, I feel settled and my home reflects not only my loves but the loves of my husband. I gazed upon my living room and just felt so amazingly happy.

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