Thursday, January 31, 2008

The humor of us

I should probably preface this blog with the information that my fiance and I are a very humorous couple in all of our dealings. No matter how bad things get, we can always find something or someway to laugh about it. We are very similar to Lois and Peter on Family Guy and find great humor in each other.....
So the other night I was having a terrible headache bordering on migraine. He asked what he could do and I asked him to get some Naproxen, which he graciously did. I looked at him in all seriousness and said, "With the way things have been going, I'm having an aneurysm and you'll be stuck taking care of me for the rest of my life" (It's been a bad week). He gave me the most sincere look with the deepest concern in his eyes and responded, "Oh honey, taking care of you would never bother me - it's the money it would cost to pay people to care for you that I worry about." followed by his most wry grin. I laughed so hard at that comment - it defines our relationship - when one of us is down or having troubles, the other will find the lightness and lift the spirit! Maybe that's why 3 years into our relationship we've never even had a fight!
I know that relationships always take work, but like I've said many times to my friends - there is a difference between work and 'working in a coal mine' work in a relationship - and I've finally learned that!!!

Bloggy Giveaway - Starbucks Card

So, I started with WFMW and thought I'd end the day with a bloggy giveaway. I've only recently found this wonderful carnival and thought I'd join in this week. So I'm giving away a $10.00 gift cards for Starbucks.

So leave a comment with the following info:
1. Name (and e-mail if you're not signed in to blogger)
2. What is the biggest obstacle you encounter in your daily life (ie: messy kids, messy husband, small home)

I'll be using a random number generator on Sunday, February 3rd to choose the winner and will be sending out the card on Monday!

I look forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: The contest is over and the card has been won by "Seven"! Thanks for playing!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WFMW: Skunk Smell

So this is the beginning of my blog and my first WFMW. It may be a very odd intro tip but one that may come in extremely handy for some. And it only takes once!!! ;-)
Many years ago I was living on a farm and a particular male skunk decided to mark our house as his own! There are really no words to describe the smell of a male skunk spraying your crawl space - but burning tires comes close. Everyone knows that tomato sauce is a fabulous for getting the smell off of animals but you can't go around soaking a home in tomato sauce.

So the solution -- we found every tomato product in the house, put it in a very large dutch oven and kept it at a simmer all day. By the end of the day - the smell was gone!

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