Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WFMW: Skunk Smell

So this is the beginning of my blog and my first WFMW. It may be a very odd intro tip but one that may come in extremely handy for some. And it only takes once!!! ;-)
Many years ago I was living on a farm and a particular male skunk decided to mark our house as his own! There are really no words to describe the smell of a male skunk spraying your crawl space - but burning tires comes close. Everyone knows that tomato sauce is a fabulous for getting the smell off of animals but you can't go around soaking a home in tomato sauce.

So the solution -- we found every tomato product in the house, put it in a very large dutch oven and kept it at a simmer all day. By the end of the day - the smell was gone!

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