Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365 - 01/08/10 - (Game Night with the boys)

This will likely be a short post as we stayed up WAY too late last night and then I never managed to get comfortable until I moved to the couch around daybreak.

Last night was our game night with our friends, Myke, Tyr, and Steve (seen above with dice and character sheet). We play World of Darkness, an old school paper and dice role playing game. In case you haven't played RPGs before - the general concept is that you have one person running the game, in this case, the Story teller, Myke. He creates a storyline of oddness and weird and our characters try to solve it or recover a particular item, etc. My character in this game is a 26 year old Forensic Pathologist who has zero social skills, an exceptional education and is terrified of dying. In these games we encounter demons, vampires, magic workers and other assorted folk. She wants to harness their power to "live" forever.

So anyway, last night, Glen's character and my character were finally introduced to everyone else through a slightly convoluted process. The fact is, getting the characters to meet and form a group in RPG is probably the most challenging detail that a story teller faces. Everyone creates a character that suits their personality and lets us live out some facet of our own desires - to be someone else. Trying to get all of them together can be a real pain in the butt for the storyteller (in this case, Myke, pictured below on the right)!

Glen got me into RPGs and I have played them every since. We met our dearest friends through these games and spending a Friday night with friends chatting, sharing our week and getting to play out some fantasy is a hell of a way to have some fun! I don't think Glen and I will ever stop playing these games in some way, even if we have to do it online through a game like World of Warcraft (WoW). But for now, we have incredible friends and a really amazing time!

Looking forward to next week boys!!

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Gabe's Girl said...

You know I have heard of them. I even told my hubby that it sounded like something he may have done before me! Haha. We tried watching reruns of NCIS a while back. They had once episode with the virtual RPG. That is the first I ever heard of that genre.