Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WFMW - Paperback swap

Yet again, I find myself writing about something many others have discussed at length for this Works for Me Wednesday. However, I have found a wonderful use for paperbackswap if you have kids!!!

I have been tutoring the same young man for the last 6 years, since his first week of 6th grade. He's like my little brother now and I call myself a 'rent-a-parent'. By the time his parents get home each evening, the homework and projects are done, his grades checked and communication with the teachers is complete! It makes for a much less stressful family dinner time.

Well over the last 6 years he has accumulated a lot (and I mean A LOT) of reading books on the district list. Each of those has been an expense his parents have had to bear, but not this year! We listed all the old books on paperbackswap and have been able to obtain most of his reading books for this quarter in exchange. It has saved his parents money AND he was able to find some 'fun reading' books as well!

So for those of you have stacks of Bronte, Hemingway and Shakespeare from your children's English lit classes - fear not! They no longer need to take up precious bookcase or storage space - just recycle them! And the same goes for those seeking the lengthy list of AP and Honors summer reading - this is a great resource and it sure works for me!

So boogy on over to Shannon's Rocks in my dryer and tell us what works for you?

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Sheila said...

Oh my, that is an amazing stack of books!

I love paperback swap!