Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WFMW - Cleaning up a big mess

For this week's works for me Wednesday, I introduce you to my favorite little machine!!!"

Yep - that's right - the Bissell Little Green Clean machine. Now, why is it my favorite machine? Because it's a miracle at getting out those wonderful ketchup blobs on the carpet? Well, yes, but that's not the best part. It is, by far, the best wet vac a girl in a small place could hope for!

Just last night (at 10pm - of course) I walked into our bathroom into a big puddle! I turned on the lights to discover that the toilet had overflowed! Now while this is not, in itself, unusual, normally we catch it rising and turn off the water pipe before it's an issue. For whatever reason, we didn't hear or see this one - thank Goodness it had turned off and luckily for me - it was clean water - apparently it'd blocked up after washing the nasty stuff away. Phew! But of course, I now had a restroom filled with about an inch of water. I yelled at the fiance to get the green machine and started pumping away! After 2 empties of the reserve tank, the water was gone and all I had to do was clean the floor (and tub and toilet and cabinets) with bleach water. So -once again, my little green machine saved the day.

I know some people may have those lovely things called 'garages' to put an actual wet vac in, but we live in a 1000 square foot condo with 1 dog, 1 cat and a roommate (our 3rd pet) so having a tool that can serve multiple purposes is WONDERFUL.

Here is another time it came in handy....

"Ahhh..that's because as I was putting clothes in the washer, about to do a load of laundry, I noticed the pitch of the water sound change...hmmm, I said, something sounds odd. Let me see what's wrong. Suddenly I saw that the drainage hose had kindly removed itself from its pipe and all the water going into the washer was just as quickly exiting the machine and filling the floor! Luckily, I had to sense to slam the dial on the washer and stop more water from going through the beautiful cycle known as "make Jules life miserable". So for the next hour, I used towels, and the green machine (I have never loved that machine more) and pure adrenaline to pull up all of the liquid and reattach the hose. Of course, since we only have that lovely little cubby hole for a laundry area, to do all of this I had to remove the washer and the dryer! Woo and hoo! So we have a REALLY clean floor in our laundry cubby and I now have an extra load of laundry to do since now I have a rather large laundry basket filled with soaking, wet, dirty towels."

So, if you have one of these little monsters or are thinking of getting one - this is the best money I think I've EVER spent!!! And well, it works for me!!! (And for whatever reason, my fiance thinks the pic of the machine above looks like a meditating mutant samurai bunny - hmmmm...I wonder what a psychologist would say about that one)

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Mom2fur said...

Wow, I never realized you could use those for picking up wet messes. We usually use a shop vac--but it's so big it would probably take up a room in your apartment, LOL! I like this little thing, and I'm going to remember about it when we move in a few years. I hope I remember, anyway. My husband is going to retire and we'll be moving from 11 rooms down to maybe 4 or 5 rooms. The smaller the equipment we have, the better.