Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some interesting links about Sarah Palin

I have to say, as a woman, I was actually quite insulted by the choice of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. There are so many more qualified Republicans that would have been valid choices. However, this choice seemed to be pandering. A woman with little experience? It seems to me that this choice is made as a token and an insult. Assuming that a woman will vote for a ticket simply because of a woman vice presidential candidate is just condescending (we're all just such weak willed creatures)! And who knows, maybe it'll work. Actuary tables show that the chances of McCain (well any 72 year old) surviving to the age of 76 is approximately 85%. Are Americans really willing to risk someone so inexperienced as President, particularly at this dangerous time?

However, there is another problem with picking a candidate that people know little about ... people go looking for information. With only about 2 months until the election, this leaves little time for damage control and correction.

So here are some of the interesting reddit postings today ...

Is Todd Palin a shadow governor?
It doesn't look like she'll pull the evangelical vote either
She was in support of the 'bridge to nowhere' when she ran for Governor in 2006
Some odd behavior of hers with regard to a Dairy
She seems to have some misunderstandings about history
She doesn't want Polar Bears listed as endangered
She has five children - why is she only holding her youngest in this People pic (This pic just creeps me out - McCain looks so uncomfortable and even Sarah looks odd holding her own child) She may have used her power to (try to) fire someone other than her brother-in-law
A nice summation of what many reporters are finding
And of course, the tabloid-esque question: Is her youngest son actually her grandson?

I know that many of these tales could be false or merely misleading. But it does beg the question, did the RNC really look into Mrs. Palin's background prior to the nomination? Or is that the intent? Are all of these distractions in the campaign to take the focus off of the issues?
Either way - the next two months should be VERY interesting...

Disclaimer: Let it be known that I would not have voted for McCain. Let it also be noted that if the Democrats had nominated someone with the issues of Sarah Palin as VP - I wouldn't be voting for them either.


TyR said...

You're political? Oh my... Just being silly... Good blog... Voting bleh... Oh well.. *shrug* Back to Doctor Who... muahaha

carrie said...

Holy cow, picking a woman who doesn't even support women's issues is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. You are right, it is insulting!

I hope, in my heart of hearts, that it works against them. How dare they think we are a nation of people who will vote for someone just because they get to check the 'F' when asked what gender they are?

Okay, sorry about that wee rant. Carry on . . .